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Two-Piece Sunsuit Chlorine Resistant (1 to 8)

Two-Piece Sunsuit Chlorine Resistant (1 to 8)
by NoZone

A roomy, comfortable two-piece suit for girls and boys! For those who prefer the look and convenience of and a t-shirt. This sunsuit is made from a nylon/elastane fabric that blocks up to 98% of the sun's harmful UV rays, and the fabric has been laboratory tested and provides sun protection with a guaranteed SPF of 50+.

Made in Canada.

Price   $49.50 US

Care Instructions: Machine washing in cold water will remove chlorine more efficiently than hand-washing. Drip dry. Do not use detergent, and do not use sunscreen under the suit. Do not wear in hot tubs.

Size Information: The sizing is true to age. For example, if your child is average height and weight for their age, then buy that size. If between sizes, or if in doubt, buy one size up. Double check with the size chart below for best results.


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