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Daisy Velcro Shoes

Daisy Velcro Shoes
by Lelli Kelly

Lelli Kelly shoes are a fashion statement made with quality in mind! www.phoebeok99.comThese Daisy shoes are a breeze to put on and take off with the double vecro closures.

Features beautiful hand-sewn decorations & an inner sole made of real perforated leather, which is light and antiskid. This insole wicks away perspiration from the foot. Under the insole, is a layer of Latex Foam (DRYZ), which absorbs wetness and pulls it into a gel away from the foot. Lelli Kelly shoes have an innovative system of holes on two sides of the shoe, allowing a healthy exchange of air because the holes are not in contact with the ground. The wetness trapped in the gel escapes through the holes throughout the day and evaporates completely once the shoes are removed.

Upper: 100% Cotton
Lining: 100% Cotton
Outsole: Natural Rubber
Insock: Leather + DRYZ

Price   was: $64.95 US
now: $58.45 US

Care Instructions: Remove leather insoles, place each shoe in a pillow case and machine wash on delicate cycle in cold water.

Size Information: Size equivalents & approximate ages:
Europe size 20 = US size 5 - age 1 yr
Europe size 21 = US size 5.5 - age 1 1/2 yrs
Europe size 22 = US size 6 - 6.5 - age 2 yrs
Europe size 23 = US size 7 - 7.5 - age 2 1/2
Europe size 24 = US size 8 - age 3 yrs
Europe size 25 = US size 8.5 - age 3 1/2 yrs


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