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Knee Pads for Crawlers

Knee Pads for Crawlers
by Wee-Knees Design Inc.

Wee-Knees (now known as Tee-Knees) provide the ultimate in comfort and protection for crawling infants and toddlers. Gives baby the confidence to take that all important first step without fear of bumps and bruises.

* Pliable, soft Neoprene pads cushion the knees, taking the OUCH out of every spill.
* The soft-touch spandex comfort leg band expands and contracts naturally to baby's every move.
* Protects against abrasive surfaces such as broadloom, wood floors, stone tiles, or concrete.
* Durable, machine washable, one size fits all.
* Available in assorted colors.
* Comes in a handy draw-string mesh bag.
* Made in Canada

Price   $19.95 US

Care Instructions: Machine washable.


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